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What are Small home appliances?

Kitchens small or big, housewife or a Chef almost everyone unknowingly picks up a small appliance in the cooking process. These appliances include items from can openers to mixers, ovens, blenders, waffle irons, coffee machines, food processors to humidifiers.

Small appliances are mainly characterized by compact size, easy use and portability. That is the reason most of these items are Handy- Tabletop or Counter-top and are kept in easily accessible position as are frequently used during the entire cooking procedure. These appliances are better known as “Brown goods”. “White goods” in comparison are bulkier and placed in fixed position and generally on the ground for use like a Refrigerator or Washing machine.

Small Appliances Reviews

Don’t mistake small appliances with only Kitchen usage. Small appliances have a very wide range of entertainment and leisure items too like portable LED/LCD displays, DVD players, portable speakers or even head phones. brings you free best kitchen appliances reviews and consumer reports that address full range of small appliances and keeps on expanding with time. Major small appliances reviews are already covered and we are always willing to review the items that you would want us to cover.

One of the important things while buying products in small appliance range is appliance quality comparison and we bring in comparisons time to time to enable you make a right decision.

A wide range of kitchen small appliances reviews are regularly added on this website and we would be happy to hear from you on what type of products you want us to review. Like what you find here or otherwise do leave us a feedback or comment in the reviews section.

Food Processors reviews

A food processor makes the cooking job real easy. It is useful for various tasks while making food including slicing, chopping, slicing, shredding and blending fruits, vegetables and other edibles. A food processor uses a variety of blades that can be used for various needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just beginning to learn how to cook, a food processor is an incredibly helpful kitchen tool. We have reviewed a big range of models from all the top brands, including Cuisinart, Breville, Hamilton Beach, and many more. You may spend as low as $50 on a food processor or even ten times that amount to get a food processor. Paying high price doesn’t guarantee top performance.

So which food processor best suits you and the foods you are used to prepare? Food processors are versatile machines that can perform chores like chopping, slicing, shredding, and puree making many different foods. Mini-choppers help you with smaller jobs such as mincing ginger/garlic and chopping nuts. You will find crisp and impartial small appliances reviews that will make buying food processors easy for you.

Juicers/Mixers/Grinders reviews

Juicers, on the other side, are dedicated to separate juice from variety of fruits and vegetables. Juicer blades are designed so as to work with raw fruits and vegetables and prepare juices from them. A mixer/grinder on the other hand is an electrical kitchen appliance that is used for mixing various food items for preparation of dishes. They are also used to grind whole grains or spices.

Before you buy a Juicer/Mixer/Grinder or a Food processor

  1. What is your need?
  2. Specific function or Overall purpose
  3. Speed levels and Motor Wattage
  4. Convenient Design/Type of switches
  5. Number and types of jars and blades
  6. Overload protection
  7. Pulse function
  8. Locking system
  9. Durability and longevity
  10. Slip proof feet

Small Wine Cellars/Beverage/Compact refrigerators reviews

Small wine cellars or wine coolers are generally standalone units designed to maintain a consistent temperature—sometimes one suitable for serving rather than long-term storage—The thing to note is that, a wine cellar is a cabinet that stores wine in optimal conditions for short-term may be up-to a year: a consistent temperature (about 55° F), with humidity control and some way to keep the wine away from light and vibration. Small appliances reviews on small wine cellars are done for a whole range of refrigerator reviews to help you make a buying decision. If you did not find what you where looking for do drop us a note on Contact us page and we shall include the same as early as possible.

Before you buy a Small wine cellar/Beverage/Compact refrigerators

  1. What is your need (how many and what types of wine are you planning to store.)
  2. Easy access to your wines – Can you see them from outside are they stacked?
  3. Are the shelves slide out?
  4. Will you wine bottle shapes fit well in the cellar
  5. Door and door glass – It it tinted, how about UV protection, can you see inside
  6. Does the door open on the correct side or does it have reversible doors
  7. Do you need lock and key or alarms to safe guard your collection
  8. Do you need different temperature zones within wine cellar
  9. Humidity Control
  10. Silent operation (Noise)
  11. Interior shelves – Plastic or Aluminum
  12. Interior is rough or smooth (rough is said to be good for humidity control)

Microwave Ovens reviews

A microwave oven is an electrical kitchen home appliance that helps to heat or reheat food items instantly without utilizing any heating element or fire. New-age microwaves have some great added features and functions to grill, cook, and bake a variety of dishes easily.

Microwave ovens work by using a high frequency radio wave of nearly 2.45GHz, which produces heat by vibrating the water and other liquid molecules within the food item. These liquid molecules are vibrated at such a speed (unnoticeable to naked eyes) that it generates tremendous heat. The generated heat within the food cooks it within a very short span of time. Small appliances reviews on some of the most popular or upcoming microwave ovens are covered on this website. Our effort is generally to identify products that are the “rising stars” and compare them with the most popular ones. This brings a lot of things in perspective. While the companies are putting their effort on improvising products, consumers are looking for value for money and ease of usage. We include reviews of microwave ovens as they become available. Just in case you feel a model needs to be covered for review do drop us a note on Contact us page.

Before you buy Microwave Oven

  1.  Your Need and Budget
  2. Purpose and Type – Convection/Grill/Solo Oven
  3. Placement – Counter top/Over the range
  4. Usage – Singles/Family/Small Bakery/Commercial
  5. Magnetron (Generates high frequency microwave) make and warranty
  6. Oven cavity – Plastic/Steel/Ceramic
  7. Oven Capacity in litres
  8. Oven Door – Transparent/Wire meshed/Safety door lock
  9. Easy to use control panel – Buttons and Menu
  10. User friendly display screen
  11. Durable turn table
  12. Air vents

 Deep Fryers reviews

A deep fryer is an extremely handy appliance that helps to deep fry food and has become common in almost every household. Some time back it was only used in commercial setups and was costly to own and maintain. Today you have wide range of compact deep fryers which are not only easy on pocket but also a great addition to your kitchen for rolling out a variety of fried food all in the comfort of your home kitchen.

Modern fryers almost in every model feature a basket to raise food clear of the oil when cooking is finished. Fryers also include features such as timers with an audible alarms, automatic device that raise and lower the basket into the oil, measures to prevent food crumbs from being over cooked, ventilation systems that curtail frying odors, oil filters that prolong the usable life of the oil, and the most important -mechanical or electronic temperature regulation. Deep fryers are useful for cooking a variety fast foods, and help making them crisp. Reviews of deep fryers are covered with latest products available with improvisation of the existing models. Just in case you feel a model needs to be covered for review, do drop us a note on Contact us page.

Before you buy a Deep Fryer

  1. What is your need – what are you planning to fry frequently/ how many people will you serve
  2. Adjustable temperature range
  3. Stove top, counter-top or freestanding model
  4. Capacity – Frying cavity
  5. Single or Double frying basket
  6. Break away electric chord
  7. Detachable heating element
  8. Wattage
  9. Specialty fryers – Funnel Cake/ Pressure Fryers/Vent-less counter-top fryers
  10. Container insulation
  11. Fryer lid/Looking inside without removing lid
  12. Thermometer
  13. Oil temperature settings
  14. Oil Capacity

 Specialty small kitchen reviews

Specialty home appliances are a very wide range and include amazing products that have been designed keeping tune with times and changing needs. Some of the examples include

  • Meat Slicers
  • Pop Corn Poppers
  • Break fast station
  • Electric Corkscrew
  • Panini press/ Sandwich maker
  • Food Dehydrators
  • Rice Cookers
  • Bread Machines
  • Pasta makers
  • Waffle makers
  • Ice cream makers

This is just a indicative list a lot of innovative specialty small appliances, They are added every day and are a great work of design and utility.

Before you buy Specialty small kitchen appliances

  1. Purpose and Usage – Specialty devices are for specific purpose and slightly advanced
  2. Capacity and cooking portions
  3. Settings
  4. Ease of use
  5. Make – Compactness, Durability and Life
  6. Ease of Cleaning
  7. Power – Wattage
  8. Safety features
  9. Ease to keep away when not in use
  10. Set up time

There are whole range of free appliance ratings and reviews that can help you make a right decision to buy the one that suites you. Most of the times once you have made up your mind reading a well done appliance ratings and reviews is extremely helpful. Reviews of specialty products let you have a broad comparatives view about the latest specialty products in the market.

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