Things to know before buying a Microwave

Microwaves have become an essential kitchen appliance in modern-age kitchens. Microwaves are always admired by their users because of their easy, fast, and efficient heating. Microwaves emit waves which excite the water molecules of food, thereby creating heat which then cooks or reheats the food.
If you want to buy a microwave, you should know what type of microwave suits your needs. Broadly, there are 3 main things which help you decide what is appropriate for you.
Basic Microwaves: Good for heating, cooking, and defrosting.
Microwave Ovens: Other than the basic functions, these bake the food as well.
Convection Microwave Ovens: These are the most advanced ones with both microwave and oven functions inbuilt. Beside, heating; cooking; defrosting; and baking; they can grill the food as well.
Compact Microwaves: Smaller in size with less than 1 cubic feet cooking capacity.
Medium-sized Microwaves: 1-2 cubic feet cooking capacity.
Large-sized Microwaves: More than 2 cubic feet cooking capacity.

Countertop Microwaves: Ideal for domestic kitchens, most common types, can be easily accommodated on the kitchen countertop, come in various sizes depending on the cooking capacity.
Over-the-range Microwaves: If you don’t have much kitchen space, this style will be ideal for you as these are mounted under wall cabinets that hang over your cooking range or kitchen cook top. Medium and full size microwave ovens are available in this style.
Built-in Microwaves: These microwaves also use wall and cabinets but rather integrated into them and don’t hang over the cooking range. Full size microwave ovens come under this category.

In addition, you can also have the option of buying a microwave with specific power delivery based on your needs. Different types of microwaves’ powers range from 400 W to 1200 W. Lastly, try to explore the easy-clean feature of the microwaves before making a choice.

By: Tim Crowe
By: Tim Crowe

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