Iwatani 35FW Portable Gas Burner Stove Review

Pros & Cons:
Ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. Simple, compact, and lightweight with plastic enclosure providing easy transportation. Equipped with a windshield that offers hassle-free outdoor cooking. Super high power output for instant cooking. Flame keeps the moisture content of the food intact. Economical usage. The plastic casing is not as strong as the burner itself, but can be ignored as far as it serves the purpose.

Cooking is fun, but most of the time, cooking is confined to the kitchen or indoors or, to the most, you can manage a barbeque grill in your patio. Now let’s explore the possibilities of cooking while traveling, camping, or at the bay, add some more fun to your camping trip by sipping hot tea or freshly brewed coffee made, exclusively, on a portable small gas burner backpacked as a camping essential. So, to give you the pleasure of hot steaming food on the move and to fulfill all your needs of cooking while vacationing outdoors, the new Iwatani butane gas burner stove, with in-built windshield, is out in the market.

Being compact and armed with a windshield, the burner gives you the opportunity of taking it along with you if you are planning to camp over the countryside and not sure about the food availability there. The gas stove uses the combustible features of butane to produce flame. The gas produces moist cooking, so your dish will not dry out, and you can enjoy the juicy flavors of your meal anytime anywhere. The Iwatani butane gas burner stove is equipped with a canister compartment, temperature control knob, heat panel, heat diffuser, piezo-electric ignition, and automatic safety shut-off features for quick and safe cooking.

Basically, a portable camping stove but you can also use it indoors if there is a power outage or as an alternative for electric hob or induction cook top for a quicker and juicier cooking. The burner is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors with automatic safety stop, magnetic locking system, and CSA certified indoor use. The gas burner offers a super high 15,000 BTU output almost equal to a typical indoor kitchen gas range power for cooking at maximum temperature. For outdoor use, the burner is equipped with a stainless windshield making it less susceptible to wind on low settings. Easy to-control temperature knob of the burner offers low to high temperature settings, on lowest settings it is ideal for simmering the hot pots and on highest settings it is hot enough to even cook with a 14-inch cast iron pot or wok. Burner lights up easily through piezo-electric ignition and burns hot. It has a heat panel that heats the lower surface of the gas canister allowing higher output as well as an ongoing consistent runtime. The magnetic enclosure for the canister is surprisingly strong and keeps the canister in place for proper execution.

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With dimensions of 13.3 x 11.9 x 3.7 inches and weight of 4.4 pounds, the burner is light weight and compact which allow easy transportation as well as easy storage. You can keep it in your backpack if you are going out on a field trip or camping or can easily accommodate on your countertop or in any of your kitchen compartments when not in use. You can even place it on the buffet for warming the dishes before serving. Iwatani butane gas burner stove is well-built with aluminum and steel finish and cast brass burner which make it perfect for rough use and harsh weather. The flame control knob and feet are thick durable plastic. The unit comes with a plastic casing which protects the gas burner during transportation.

Attractive and nice-looking cooking appliance which doesn’t require any electricity for working, placed compactly in a plastic case, and kept neatly in a backpack while traveling. Well-built aluminum and stainless steel construction with magnetic canister attachment, built-in windshield, and temperature control dial knob make it an easy-to-carry and easy-to-use camping essential. With higher and steadier flame output, the Iwatani gas stove is preferable over any other expensive gas cooking range or electric hob. The burner is economical in fuel usage, as the burner’s heat panel allows full utilization of the gas canister till the canister gets completely empty. A 2.5 inch 8 oz butane canister lasts, approximately, 45 minutes at highest flame output, though we don’t need maximum heat output all the time. The new Iwatani butane gas burner stove, with in-built windshield cooks the food by the heat coming from the flame, so flatness is not a problem, giving you the freedom of working with round bottom pots and pans made of either aluminum, steel, or, cast iron as well which you can’t use on your electric hob. So, enjoy super yummy wok dishes, stir-fried vegetables, and fried spaghetti in no time.

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