Bosch Tassimo T45 hot beverage maker Review

Pros & Cons:
Makes a variety of hot beverages including coffee, tea, and so more, using INTELLIBREW technology, with perfection. Unique filter system helps filter out impurities of water and auto-clean and descaling feature offer a clean tasting perfect cup. Instant heating allows to make the first cup fast. The cup stand doesn’t have a light but that’s not really needed if you are well aware that you are making your perfect cup of joe.

Ah, coffee! There really isn't a more pleasant smell in the universe than the smell of freshly brewed coffee, especially, first thing in the morning. Almost, everybody loves good coffee, but the definitions of "good" coffee are as varied as the people who love it. If your morning coffee does not taste right, keep in mind that bad-tasting water will produce bad-tasting coffee. One more common issue that many people have while making coffee is either allowing it to brew too long or not long enough. So, if you want to switch from your old coffee maker and thinking of buying a new automatic coffee maker to enjoy a perfect morning cup, Bosch Tassimo T45 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer with Pack of T Discs, Black and Red is here which brews to perfection and brews just the way you like it.

The Bosch Tassimo T45 hot beverage maker not only makes you a perfect cup of coffee but also hot chocolate, tea, Latte, Cappucino, and so more. The TASSIMO Single Cup Brewing System by Bosch uses INTELLIBREWTM technology to read the barcode instructions on the T DISC pod and makes each cup perfect, and the way you like it, and you can even manually control the strength of your drink with a touch of a button.

The Mavea® MAXTRA water filtration system of the beverage maker filters out lime and chlorine to improve taste and extend machine life. Adjustable height and removable cup stand feature allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice. Automatic cleaning and descaling with use of a special T DISC keeps your beverages tasting clean.

With dimensions of 8 x 13.2 x 11 inches, and weight of 7.9 pounds the Bosch Tassimo T45 can be easily accommodated on your service counter. Contemporary design and color (Black and Red) aesthetically suit any kitchen style and enhance the looks of the countertop or the place where it has been kept. The kit also includes a pack of 14 Gevalia Morning Roast Blend T Discs. (Each disc makes a 12 oz. cup of coffee) 10 value.

The Bosch Tassimo T45 beverage system and coffee brewer offers a plenty of hot beverage options. Now, you can enjoy all sorts of rejuvenating hot beverages made next to perfection. The Intelligent Barcode Technology of Tassimo T45 helps you make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and so more at optimum temperature, precise time, and with just apt amount of water. With instant heating, you can get the first morning cup of your favorite hot beverage in no time. You can even customize your beverage with just a touch of a button. The inbuilt Mavea Maxtra water filtration system filters any taste-affecting particles and extends machine life. The unit is equipped with a removable 1.8 L water tank as well. Now, we know that Bosch Tassimo T45 is much more than a traditional coffee maker, and we also know how to get more from our coffee, so that we may enjoy it.

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