Eurodib Commercial Induction Cooker Review

Induction cook tops are the hot favorite cook tops among domestic and commercial users. Reasons are obvious: Energy efficient, easy to use and clean, and most importantly safe to be used for in-house as well as commercial purposes in restaurants and eateries.

Pros & Cons:
Energy efficient, quick and even induction cooking technology. Easy usage and cleaning. Durable, safe, and portable for any kind of handling. Not exactly a con, but the device is compatible only with cookware made of magnetic based material, for instance, cast iron or magnetic stainless steel with flat bottoms.

With the advent of induction cook tops, cooking has become a convenient experience. Thanks to the technology involved in the cooking process where the energy or heat is supplied directly to the cookware by magnetic field with instantaneous heat adjustment and apt heat distribution for even and quick cooking. Eurodib Commercial Induction Cooker is one such induction cooktop basically designed for commercial purposes though can be used in domestic environment as well.

The device is highly advanced when it comes to energy efficiency, safe usage, easy portability, and uniform heat distribution for even cooking. Robust commercial grade design with touch button control panel and digital display offer convenient end-user experience.

Eurodib Commercial Induction Cooker is a single portable commercial cooktop with soft touch display and digital temperature control. The temperature of the device ranges from 150 degrees F to 450 degrees F with 0 to 105 minutes of timer control feature, and after 150 minutes, it will enter the standby mode. The device is designed keeping all the safety features in mind for commercial as well as domestic usage.

With dimensions of 16.5 x 13 x 4 inches and weight of not more than 13.7 pounds, the device is fully portable and can be easily handled. The heavy duty commercial grade hard plastic frame and high quality glass cooktop of Eurodib Commercial Induction Cookerare ideal for rugged commercial use.

In my opinion, Eurodib Commercial Induction Cooker is a flawless commercial grade induction cooktop. The device provides energy efficiency with time and temperature control. The device automatically shuts off within 1 second if incompatible cookware is used or in no cookware instances. Besides this, the device offers convenient end-user experience and easy portability in terms of safe usage, easy cleaning, light weight, and compactness. The most important fact is that the stovetop hardly gets warm and hence provides safe and less hazardous working environment.

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