Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE Energy Star Dehumidifier Review

If you are living in a cold climate, condensation and clamminess are the problems you have to deal with. As condensation leads to damp and moist indoor environment, molds and other disease causing organisms breed on underlying moist surfaces making your home a favorable resort for pathogens and allergens.


Pros & Cons:
Energy star certification for energy efficiency. Removes up to 50 pints of moisture from an area of 3000 sq feet or so within 24 hours of time period. Sleek and elegant with easy maintenance and installation. Freely movable with smooth caster wheels. In-built pump function for either emptying the water into the in-built pump or directing it to the drain through the drain hose. There is no cons except the fact that the device is a bit pricey.

If you really want to overcome this problem and want to make your home comfortable and healthy with cozy dry air circulating inside, bring home Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE Energy Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump to tackle the underlying humidity.

Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE Energy Star Dehumidifier is an energy efficient dehumidifier with built-in pump and extracts up to 50 pints of moisture from an enclosed area of up to 3000 sq ft every 24 hours. Sleek look and digital display control panel with separate pump button for switching between modes related to water expulsion. The humidifier pumps water upward using a connecting hose out of the basement window or into a sink. The in-built collecting reservoir gives you the freedom of completely omitting the use of hose and let the water getting emptied into the reservoir.

The 3 setting modes of the dehumidifier, including manual set, continuous, and auto dry give you the independence of operating the device at your convenience. Besides showing options for various modes, the control panel also displays relative humidity or time. Being equipped with adjustable humidistat, programmable 24 hour on/off timer, and full-tank alert shut off, the Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE Energy Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump is a modern age hassle free device. The device is fully movable, thanks to power cord storage and smooth caster wheels.

With dimensions of 11.4 x 15 x 24.7 inches, and weight of not more than 40 pounds, the device can be moved around from one place to other. The compact and elegant looking dehumidifier can be easily placed anywhere in your house or basement area and is a perfect choice to remove moisture from a large area of approximately 3000 sq feet in dimensions. Washable air filter with clean filter indicator light marks it a low-maintenance user friendly device. Interestingly, the product comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

The new Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE Energy Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump is a 50 pint humidity extractor dehumidifier. It works well even at temperatures low to 38 degrees F and maintains a comfortable level of relative humidity indoors. Perfect for in-house as well as basement use. The device functions as a noiseless machine and offers smooth and quiet operations even working at highest settings. All in all, the dehumidifier truly justifies its price and offers you comfortable and healthier surroundings while at home.

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