Aroma 5-Quart Food Steamer, Stainless Steel, Review

Pros & Cons:
This steamer is a definite plus for any kitchen. Since the machine is well designed, easily operable and compact it hardly has any negatives. However some customers do complain about not having a rice steamer basket.

Aroma Housewares 5-Quart Food SteamerFire and water are the two most important ingredients in food until you plan to add oil. Steaming is a method of cooking food that is evidenced in Yunnan province of China dating back to 3000 years or more. These steamers where made of stoneware. Steamed food is beneficial as it allows cooking food well without burning and losing nutrients into boiling water that is generally discarded. The Aroma 5-Quart Food Steamer, Stainless Steel lets you enjoy all the elements of steaming in generous 5 quart portion that shall be enough for the whole family.

The Aroma 5-Quart Food Steamer allows quick steaming within a minute. All you got to do is to just pour water in the reservoir, put what you want to cook in the cooking compartment, set the timer, and walk off. The steamer begins steaming within 60 seconds.

This steamer is equipped with a timer to cook food up to one hour and switches off automatically after the set time has elapsed. The base is made up of rugged stainless steel and is designed to give you a ling trouble free operation.

The five quart capacity of the Food Steamer ensures that you can cook food for the whole family. Its double tier allows you to cook multiple foods side by side and results in better utilization of power and steam generated. Now, healthy nutritious meal is so easy to cook and with all the health benefits…I bet you shall become a fan of food steaming. After serving up the food, it’s extremely easy to dissemble and clean the steamer. All plastic material that comes in contact of cooking food is BPA free.

Steaming food has many advantages over traditional ways of cooking including retaining nutrition and avoiding burning of food. Other than this is a great preposition for the people who want to avoid added fat or oil in the food for health or medical reasons. The Aroma 5-Quart Food Steamer is an affordable and easily operable small appliance. This machine brings a lot of health benefits to the fore and also more time in your hands. Do unplug the device when not in use.

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