BUNN BUNWX2 Two Station Warmer Plate, 130\W Stainless Steel Review

BUNN BUNWX2 Two Station Warmer Plate, 130\W Stainless Steel Review

If you run a food service business, you’ll love having BUNN BUNWX2 Two Station Warmer Plate in your Kitchen. It’s perfectly designed to maintain brewed coffee at the best drinking temperature and has 2 warmer plates. Each plate has a power switch and power light that lets you know when either is in operation. The warmer is easy to operate and will help you run your breakfast bar smoothly. The warmer plate has 2 warmers that operate independently. Each has a power switch and indicator light that indicates when it’s in operation. With two burners, you can keep more coffee at an optimal temperature, hence serving more customers at a go.

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There’s nothing as disappointing as purchasing a product, only for it to breakdown a few weeks or months down the line. Imagine the effect it’ll have on your business due to the abrupt malfunction and the much you’ll have to spend on repairs or getting a new one. This isn’t the case with the BUNN BUNWX2 Two Station Warmer plate.

It boasts high-quality stainless steel housing and 2 porcelain burner plates that are highly effective. The quality construction assures you of long-lasting performance.

This warmer plate heats up pretty fast, enabling you to warm your coffee within minutes. It stays hot at all times as long as it remains connected to the electric outlet or you haven’t switched it off. Remember that it doesn’t have the auto on-off function.

BUNNWX2 Warmer comes with anti-slip feet that hold it in position at all times. As a result, you get to place your coffee pot on top without the worry that the station might topple over. It helps prevent the mess that you could otherwise experience should the pots slip down.

The two-unit warmer is slim and lightweight (46 lbs) hence easy to carry around. Its compact nature also makes it perfect for you if you have a small kitchen or studio. It’s also easy to tuck it away in the drawer when not in use.

Cleaning the warmer is quite easy. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe all the dirt on the metal parts and plates out. Avoid spilling water on it if you want to use it for the longest time possible.

Whether you need it for the office, coffee shop, home, or catering events, this warmer is a great deal. You can use it from anywhere as it can be placed anywhere. You won’t even have to worry that your pots might wobble after putting them on the burners as the station always sits flat.

The warmer comes in a simple design but works as expected. Get it for your home and business and have coffee flowing to everyone’s satisfaction. Should you decide to use it for events, you won’t disappoint your guests.

BUNNWX2 Warmer comes with a thick power cord that is long enough to reach your power outlet without interfering with your business.

The warmer measures 14 x 7 x 2’6 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. It’s, therefore, perfect for your compact countertop and easy to tuck away. If you also tend to cater to events from time to time, it’s easy to carry around.

Serving your guests, customers or family will never be the same thanks to BUNN BUNWX2 Two Warmer plate,130 W Stainless Steel station. They’ll always enjoy hot coffee at any time of the day. You’ll also find it easy to entertain friends and family on coffee dates now that t’s easy to operate and clean.

On a rating of 5, I’d give it a 4.5. Reason? It’s highly functional, easy to use, compact, and portable.

Although you have a small kitchen, you won’t have to worry about where to place it now that it’s quite compact. Whether you chose to place it on your kitchen countertop or table, the warmer will still work fine.


  • The warmer heats up fast, enabling you to serve your guests, family, and friends fast.
  • The fact that each burner is independent of the other is also a big plus.


The whole unit gets hot when in use and can thus hurt you if not careful.

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