Danby DMW111KBLDB Microwave Review

 Danby DMW111KWDB Microwave Oven, 1.1 Cu Ft

Pros & Cons:
If you are looking for a microwave which perform all the basic functions at affordable rate, Danby tops the list as the device is a powerful package for all your cooking needs at comparitvely lesser price. The device has a pretty decent cooking capacity and cooks larger amounts of food in one go. Smart operation with technologically advanced electronic controls, easy-to-read LEd timer and clock device, and automatic interior light make the microwave a class apart elegant modern-age kitchen appliance. The door of the device is a little hard to open, but this is nothing you can’t deal with.

Microwaves are essential kitchen appliances of modern age kitchens. No kitchen is complete without a microwave. Microwaves are of different types depending on cooking capacities and functionalities. Danby DMW111KBLDB 1100w Microwave, is one in the range of these very useful and important kitchen tools which can make cooking a convenient experience.

The main feature of the appliance is its generous cooking capacity and 10 different power level options at an amazingly affordable price. It is quite difficult to find a powerful 1000 watts microwave at such a cheap rate. Danby DMW111KBLDB 1100w Microwave, is an ideal choice for reheating and cooking.

Additionally, the device also offers a wide range of microwave uses like pizza, popcorn, potatoes, dinner plate, beverages, and frozen vegetable with the aid of simple one-touch cooking option. Being equipped with LED timer, clock device, and simple-touch buttons, the device beats the limitations of a typical basic microwave and offers effortless programming and monitoring. The microwave has an automatic interior light, so peeking through the glass door to check your dish for doneness, will be a pleasant and appetizing experience.

With dimensions of 15.6 x 20.2 x 12 inches and weighing not more than 32 pounds, the Danby DMW111KBLDB 1100w Microwave is one of the best countertop microwaves. The device’s classy modern look and sleek steel finish display the best workmanship involved in making of the device. Elegance and sturdiness came hand in hand with Danby and offer a highly powerful package at comparatively lesser price. The device comes with a glass turntable and a rotator ring. Easy breezy interior cleaning with the help of vinegar or lemon solution offers you healthy cooking. Exeriors of the device can be cleaned with mild soapy solution using kitchen towel.

Danby DMW111KBLDB 1100w Microwave, White is a classy, modern age, hassle free microwave which has so much to offer at such a cheap rate. When people are buying costlier models of same functions, you can feel content by buying Danby microwave at easy-on-pocket price and save your money. The product’s list price is 120 $, but you can get it at huge discount from Amazon.

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