Imusa A417-82501 Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Pros & Cons:
Multifunctional with inbuilt 5 settings. Digital display for easy reading. Easy cleaning with removable nonstick cooking pot. Time-saving kitchen appliance with fast and effective delivery. It is better if you order a pressure cooker cookbook along with the device so that you have cooking times for all various foods.

IMUSA, A417-82501, Electric Pressure CookerPressure cooker cooks food quickly and effectively and ideal for cooking meat, beans, and other dishes which take pretty long hours to cook if cooked in an open vessel on the hob or stove or in a crockpot. Pressure cooker speeds up the cooking time to 70%. As the food is cooked quickly, it will not lose any essential minerals and vitamins resulting in a healthier and nutritive produce. Pressure cookers are either normal stove top pressure cookers or electric pressure cookers. Imusa A417-82501 Electric Pressure Cooker, 5-Quart is one in the range of these time-saving quick and efficient kitchen appliances to help you cook food faster.

Imusa A417-82501 lets you experience the pleasure of convenient cooking. Just load the 5-quart big cooking pot with food, seal the lid in place, plug in the device, and it is ready to take charge. The tightly sealed lid traps the steam and flavors inside the vessel offering you a healthy and delicious meal. The idea of pressure cooking the food is not new, but Imusa has taken it far beyond expectations. With digital display, soft-touch buttons, and countdown timer, the cooker is a modern-age hassle free kitchen appliance that makes cooking a convenient experience.

Additionally, it’s just not a pressure cooker but a multipurpose functional kitchen gadget which can perform browning, slow cooking, steaming, as well as warming with built-in 5 settings. Interestingly, throughout the cooking cycle, the handle of the cooker remains cool to touch to avoid accidental burns. To reduce the risk of electric shock, the device has a polarized plug which fits into the outlet only one way.

Imusa A417-82501 has a 5 quart capacity and measures 12 x 12.6 x 14.3 inches. The cooker has a stainless steel housing with removable nonstick 5 quart cooking pot. The lid is equipped with pressure regulator knob, floating valve, and cool-touch handle. The removable rubber gasket sitting on the inner circumference of the lid helps in tightly sealing the device for effective pressure buildup throughout the cooking process.

Imusa A417-82501 is multi-functional yet simple to operate with digital control panel. Cooks faster and tastier with 5 different cooking options. A typical timesaver which can cook tough cut of meats, beans, and a pot roast, etc., in a matter of minutes and offers you a healthy and delicious meal at times when you don’t have time. Generous 5 qt. nonstick cooking pot is ideal for making food for the entire family in just one batch. The locking lid effectively seals the container with the help of the rubber gasket. The lid is equipped with safety valve which lets the extra pressure to escape if too much pressure is building up. The sliding lock allows you to lock the lid effectively to the pressure cooker. The digital display has browning, slow cooking, steaming, and warming options to help you operate the device without any hesitation.

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