Moderno 100% Stainless Steel Professional Vegetable Steamer Review


Pros & Cons:
Adjustable size. Collapsible feature for compact storage. Easy usage with breeze cleaning. The steamer is a little smaller in size and is basically ideal for steaming veggies for 2 in a go.

Tired of eating boiled soggy vegetables, want to include freshly steamed crisp veggies in your weekly meal planner bring home Moderno 100% Stainless Steel Professional Vegetable Steamer.

Made of highly durable and rust resistant stainless steel, the steamer is just a perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal. The steamer easily fits to any size of pot and can be collapsed for easy storage. All you need to do is to just load the steamer with veggies of your choice, sprinkle some salt, add water in the pan, place the steamer in it, and here you go.

Moderno stainless steamer not only steams your veggies to perfection but also keeps their nutrients intact and hampers the loss of moisture and taste during the cooking process. The steamer does give users the option of using it with our without the lid in place and gives perfectly steamed tender vegetables each time. Not only veggies, the steamer can perfectly steam frozen food products and can be used as a re-warmer. And, once you are done with your cooking, the easily collapsible feature of the device helps you store it neatly and compactly in any of your kitchen cabinet or drawers.

The product is lightweight and handy and weighs just about 8 ounces. The lifetime warranty that comes along with the product is like a cherry on top and makes the item an irresistible choice for beginners, chefs, and kitchen enthusiasts.

Moderno 100% stainless steel steamer is your gateway to healthy cooking. Professional quality stainless steel finish, easy to use, collapsible storage, and a lifetime guarantee make it an awesome deal. The steamer can be adjusted to any size and can fit to any pan, big or small. Now you can steam your veggies more efficiently with ease without worrying about the cleaning process as the cleaning is even easier than the use.

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