HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater Review

 HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater ReviewPatio heaters are mushroom or umbrella-shaped heating appliances for making your backyard or sit-out the most preferred place for a relaxing evening. Patio heaters are best for enjoying outdoor dining experience. You can even enjoy a family get together or can spend some quality time with your spouse with the aid of these radiant heating units.

Pros & Cons:
The device is a high power low-maintenance, propane gas patio heater that is easy to operate and control. It covers a total coverage area of 140 sq feet. The height adjustable patio heater can be easily moved from one place to other with the aid of fold away wheels. Strict safety measures to be followed while using any heating appliance that uses gas as a fuel. Refer the instructions manual for safe and secure operations of this offbeat outdoor heating device.

HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater is easily moveable radiant heat generating patio heater to efficiently heat up your outdoors making them warm, cozy, and comfortable. Not only limited to domestic use, the heater is even perfect for a commercial set up and let your customers enjoy the heat and warmth radiating from it while dining Al Fresco.

With high power of 41,000 BTUs, the heater covers up to 140 sq feet of area in totality by generating radiant heat in the surrounding. Being equipped with piezo ignition and adjustable burner output, the heater offers safe and easy manual operations for a delightful end-user experience. The high quality low maintenance. HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater works with just a press of button and gives you the freedom of adjusting the heat level with the help of knob. The heater offers hours of continuous operation nonstop effectively. All you require is to just attach a gas cylinder to the device, and enjoy cozy warm outdoors.

Since the heater works with the aid of a gas cylinder, you don’t need to have a gas line for continuous operations, just put the fuel supply, in the form of a gas cylinder, in its location and move your heater to any outdoor space be it, lawn, patio, or pool-side, for quick, efficient, and powerful heating. The fold away wheels of the device help in easy movement from one outdoor area to other.

The 93 inch tall HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater is provided with a removable table with adjustable height for changing the height of the heater depending on your requirement. The heater is 32 x 32 x 93 inches in dimensions with a weight of 43 pounds and offers compact placement in just about any outdoor space. The mushroom style top and sleek and slender finish of the unit adds an aesthetic sense to any outdoor area with a touch of warmth to the ambiance. The durable round base of the heater offers firm placement and safe operation. The heater can accommodate any standard 20 lb propane gas cylinder and works effectively and silently for long hours. The device comes with an easy readable owner’s manual to guide you through the easy assembly and safe usage of the device.

The heater is unbeatable in terms of efficiency, safety features, portability, and durability. This low-maintenance patio heater offers years of service with no compromise from strength and efficiency point of view. All in all, the best way to enjoy warm outdoors is to bring home HomComfort HCPHMRKT Mocha Rocket Base Patio Heater or install it in the Al Fresco dining area of your restaurant to please your guests with warm ambiance.

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