Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU Natural Gas Patio Heater Review

Outdoor dining is a wonderful experience of having hot steaming food in an open air lawn or patio. As winters are approaching fast, outdoor dining experience can be made more enjoyable by adding a touch of warmth and coziness in the environment with the help of an outdoor heating system. Some time ago, patio heaters were commonly used in restaurants and bars to let the diners enjoy the mesmerizing experience of Al-fresco dining in a warm and comfortable ambiance. Now, with the advent of domestic patio and lawn heaters, more and more people are buying these sleek and attractive looking high-quality devices to keep their outdoors warm while enjoying night sit outs with their family and friends.

Pros & Cons:
A high-quality outdoor heating appliance with CA safety certification under its belt. The main safety features of the device are flame failure and anti-tilt switch in case of any fall over or tilts during working mode. Sleek and attractive looking outdoor patio heating system with broad base for stable placement and integrated wheels for easy transportation. The device is highly powerful with rated heat input of 15,000 BTU/Hr for warming up an area of up to 5 ft radius. Centrally located operation controls for easy access. The device is strictly for outdoor use, never use it in an enclosed space, for instance, as a camper, tent, or home. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment. Keep the instruction manual handy for instant help, in case, any issues while the device is under operation. Should any problem arises, immediately switch off the heater and call the LavaHeat customer service center at 1.888.779.5282.

Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU Natural Gas Patio Heater ReviewThe Lava Heat Italia Natural Gas Patio Heater, Brushed Copper is one such sort of high quality radiant heater especially designed for open air sit outs and patios making the outdoor ambiance comfortably warm and soothing for outdoor dining, night sit outs, or even for a family get together giving a warm cozy feeling all the time.

The device provides 360 degrees of even heat distribution in the surroundings with 51,0000 BTU/Hr of rated heat input. Heat is provided through an exclusive spiral flame enclosed in a shatter-proof Borosilicate glass tube. The overall efficiency of the heater effectively covers a pretty decent coverage area of 4 to 5 ft in radius. The device is easy operable with hassle-free easy start ignition and adjustable heat settings for manual heat selection depending on the outdoor temperature. The CSA Certified Lava Heat Italia Patio Heater has a built-in signature "Tilt Switch Auto-Shutoff" feature for complete safety that automatically shuts off the heater should any tilts or falls over happen during operations.

The top mounted weather resistant dome of the device prevents water from entering the combustion zone and reflects heat down. Surprisingly, a 360 degrees single piece steel grill around the heat exchanger tube is cool to touch while the device is under operation and works as a protective cover for the glass tube within. It also acts as a protective barrier and keeps a safe distance between you and the flame. The gas control and electronic ignitor are centrally located for easy user-friendly operations. The broad base of the Natural Gas Patio Heater offers firm and safe placement with integrated wheels for easy portability and transportation of the device from one area to other. The LP gas cylinder is located at the bottom of the unit and enclosed within a hinged metal door for easy access.

The heater measures 22 inches in diameter and is 72 inches high with sleek yet sturdy appearance. The main body of the device is made of 304 grade heavy duty stainless steel with amazingly trendy and attractive brushed copper finish. Interestingly, along with the main unit, the kit includes an easy readable instruction manual and packing material.

The heater works astonishingly well. Attractive appearance, easy operation, and a cozy warm ambient temperature what else one look for enjoying a pleasurable outdoor dinner. The heater performs effectively and heats up your entire patio in a matter of minutes with high heat radiating through the Borosilicate tempered glass tube. Enjoy the magical power of relaxation while sitting in a sit out on a chilli winter evening or having a family dinner or get together in your warm cozy patio. Thumbs up to the incredible features of Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU-BC-NG Ember Natural Gas Patio Heater, Brushed Copper with 5 out of 5 star ratings.

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